Flowers for Friday
After a pretty long week at work,
looking at past holidays and wishing I was back in the Cinque Terre in Italy.......
can not believe we were there in the first place!

May your daydreams take you far, far away this weekend! 
Love Kelly xxx

Yesterday was the Anniversary of my Pops passing.
So after visiting Nan, I picked some of her sweet peas and spent the rest of the night sneezing,
which is fitting 
cause I'm sure I inherited hayfever from my Pop!
I miss him lots too.

Today would have been my Mums birthday.
I had a mini meltdown when we went for a walk on the beach this afternoon.
I lost it. 
I can't believe how much it still hurts after all this time.
Each year I miss her more and more.
I wish she was still here.
A busy day just fluffing around.
Nan popped over and off we went for a little bit of shopping and chatting over hot drinks. 
And then I talked her into having a stickybeak at some display homes....

Oh, so many ideas when we one day,
find that perfect block of land,
with stunning serene views
oh, the gorgeous home we may build.....
Then at 4 o'clock,
we (I mean, I) decided to stop dreaming and grab some 'lunch'
down at lovely Queenscliff
Nan had a lasagna which she said was beautiful
and I had a roasted pumpkin and zucchini panini which was probably better!
Feeling a little guilty that my tummy was full,
and Sam missed out,
I bought a pizza to take home with me for his dinner.
One with rustic slow cooked lamb, 
with sticky beetroot and caramalised onions
It looked and smelt amazing,
Sam said it too tasted beautiful

Flowers for Friday
My first roses of the season,
they smell gorgeous....

Hoping for a lovely weekend for all,
Love Kelly xxx