'Slow Sunday.....'
This time last Sunday our little getaway to Warrnambool had come to an end.
We stayed at Quality Suites Deep Blue,
an imposing yet gorgeous hotel overlooking the sea,
with a pretty awesome view to wake up to each of the four mornings we stayed.
It was quiet,
it was warm and comfy,
it was the relaxing 'holiday' we needed.
Each morning was spent walking miles and miles along the promenade 
that had beautiful views along the way

It was a leisurely walk that everyone enjoyed.
Sometimes we stopped to refuel and recharge,
And 'Simons' at the Surf Club was the place to be,
and watch the world go by.......
Our roadtrip to Warrnambool was just lovely.
Flowers for Friday
(a wonderful surprise when arriving home after some time away...
my first tulip of the season!)
Hoping everyone has a lovely weekend! Love Kelly xxx

Six years ago,
I said Goodbye to my Mum.
And today I forgot that it was six years ago today.
I don't want her to think that I'm not thinking about her.
I don't want her to think that I've forgotten about her.
I don't want her to think that my life is too busy to remember her.

I'm sure that she sat next to me when I had some time by myself the other day.
On the couch.
I had an overwhelming sense that she was there.
I could smell her.
I miss her alot.
I hope she knows that I miss her,
not just today.

'Slow Sunday.......'
A most beautiful of Spring days spent this morning for a walk along the beach.....

It has been ages since Jack has been for a run down here,
well before he broke his foot months and months ago.
He absolutely loved it.
He was so good too,
the beach was packed with early morning walkers and their four legged companions,
and Jack ignored everyone
and just enjoyed his overdue moment at the beach.
Long overdue.....
He was buggered!
Slept almost all day!
We ventured out for an early morning Fathers Day breakfast with Sams family down at Eastern Beach....hearty and yum.
As we parted, I did a little shopping.
Only window shopping,
taking photos and scribbling down measurements and prices in a notebook.

And mentally decorating the new house that we have not got!

One day that house will look really good.....
On the way home I had a little drive down the road and 'discovered' Lake Connewarre, literally at the end of our street

Quite lovely....