A busy day just fluffing around.
Nan popped over and off we went for a little bit of shopping and chatting over hot drinks. 
And then I talked her into having a stickybeak at some display homes....

Oh, so many ideas when we one day,
find that perfect block of land,
with stunning serene views
oh, the gorgeous home we may build.....
Then at 4 o'clock,
we (I mean, I) decided to stop dreaming and grab some 'lunch'
down at lovely Queenscliff
Nan had a lasagna which she said was beautiful
and I had a roasted pumpkin and zucchini panini which was probably better!
Feeling a little guilty that my tummy was full,
and Sam missed out,
I bought a pizza to take home with me for his dinner.
One with rustic slow cooked lamb, 
with sticky beetroot and caramalised onions
It looked and smelt amazing,
Sam said it too tasted beautiful

Flowers for Friday
My first roses of the season,
they smell gorgeous....

Hoping for a lovely weekend for all,
Love Kelly xxx
Today we had the day off for the racing of the Geelong Cup, 
so after a 'quick' drive to Melbourne for an appointment
and some (amazing!) Duck Pancakes for lunch in our favourite Asian restaurant
and parking at the wrong spot and paying $35 for just over an hour!
(don't ask!!!)
we are finally home,
relaxing on our day off.....
and I remembered our trip to Warrnambool a little while ago
On a cold, very windy day,
Sam introduced me to the most lovely 
Port Fairy Golf Course.
Where he played a 'pretty good round'
and I took lots of photos of the gorgeous landscape

I really have not much interest in the sport,
but walking kilometres around a beautiful course,
well, its a nice way to keep fit

We had the course almost to ourselves
It was quiet
It was peaceful
It was pretty
A relaxing way to spend the afternoon 

Flowers for Friday
Have a lovely weekend! Love Kelly xxx
'Things i Love......'
This little rock

A lug of a rock,
 covered in a doily,
now its dainty and gorgeous.
It cost a small fortune,
but its simple and I love it