'Things i love........'
Country lanes,
the quietness,
the air so very still
and crisp.
This only a half hour walk from our doorstep....

Wishing this was actually out our front window.
So much dreaming this week,
I can't keep my mind still.........
Flowers for Friday
A rainy, wet weekend ahead.
A pajama day beckons....
Here's hoping for a lovely, slow weekend
for me,
and you,
Love Kelly xxx
Stills: A Weekly Collection
New cushions purchased in store,
with new bed linen purchased online on its way.
I melt when I see bed linen.
I have so many quilt covers and sheets.
We only have one bed, I really don't need anymore.
I can't help myself.....
A cold walk along the beach before daylight saving ended.
Not another soul, just the three of us.
Nothing better.
We escaped to the country,
just five minutes down the road,
having a stickybeak at some Open Gardens
And thinking,
wouldn't it be nice......?

(Joining up with the lovely Emily with more weekly collections)
Flowers for Friday 
Autumn is well and truly here,
and Winter is not far away at all.
I'm almost ready to pop the heater on,
maybe tomorrow might be a pajama day.....
and maybe the heater might be popped on.
(aren't these gorgeous in a quirky type of way!?
Not sure what they are called but I came across them last week at the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show and I just love their funny little look!)

Hoping everyone has a lovely weekend! Love Kelly xxx

Flowers for Friday
A busy, busy weekend ahead,
starting today with me driving up to Melbourne for the Flower and Garden Show.
Hopefully the weather will hold up, I really can't wait!
(I'm taking 2 cameras, so I'm sure I'll share a photo or two!)
Hoping you all have a lovely weekend! Love Kelly xxx

'Floral Love' is back on this gorgeous blog! Please take a look! x

'Weekend wanderings.....'

This weekend was quite slow going.
Walks on the beach for all of us,
 walking in the sunshine and watching storm clouds go around us.
And then watching Jack sleep it all off by the back door in the afternoon. 
He is getting older and older before our eyes and a big walk on most days is just a bit too much for him.
Although he seems pretty happy spending time down the beach that usually involves a gallop along the water.

As Sam went off to do some football stuff, I did the ride around the Bellarine Peninsula to gather my fresh produce.
A trip to the tomatoe farm, a trip to the fruit and vegie shop and when driving home through Wallington I saw the sign I see all the time....
'pick your own strawberries.'
Yes, thankyou, I will!
I wandered up and down the rows and rows of huge, plump strawberries and placed the ones I had picked into a bucket.
No one else was there picking their own, I had the place to myself. It lightly started to rain, but it was the most loveliest of experiences.
And as I took my box of strawberries back to the car, feeling quite chuffed,
the smell,
 once I closed the door,
 was intoxicating!
I just wished I actually liked eating strawberries!
Its the texture, I think.
But don't get me wrong! I do love strawberries once they are in something. 
Jam, milkshakes, icecream, cakes, tarts....
I made some beautiful healthy smoothies for breakfast this morning,
with my hand picked strawberries!
Flowers for Friday
Hoping everyone has the most lovely of weekends! Love Kelly xxx