Hello there Spring!!!
The weekend was magic,
 you can feel the change of seasons in the air....
Just have to sit back
and wait for my hayfever to begin!

Wordless Wednesday

Spring has almost sprung.....
And this weekend was all about relaxing and enjoying the sunshine that had finally arrived.
It had been an awfully long week and I needed time to stand still for a moment so I could just breathe in the fresh air and have time for myself.
And eat good food.
It started on Friday night where I spent hours talking with dear friends at Armageddon Cake where I ate New York Vanilla Baked Cheesecake, Chocolate and Salted Caramel Mousse Cake and Apple Berry Crumble and custard.
 On Saturday everyone was out in the sunny garden 
with a Malteser Macaroon,
oh golly,
 A little bit of spring cleaning,
making our home cosy,
and falling in an exhausted yet very comfy heap that night,
thankful that the weekend was a day longer,
because one day off is never enough
The sun had gone on Sunday,

and after a big morning walk,
lunchtime was spent down in Torquay
where a Thai Chicken Green Curry was warm and comforting.
It was the weekend that I needed.
And countless hot chocolates.....

'Slow Sunday......'
After having a lovely lunch out,
we come home to noise and dust from next doors renovations,
cars everywhere,
and again we were wishing this was our home
Here its quiet and serene.
No noise.
No dust.
No traffic.
Nothing but the sound of the wind in the trees
and the birds chatting amongst themselves.
We are inching closer to our dream,
and have clarity of where we want to be,
we'll have it all......
one day.
 It has been freezing....
Foggy mornings that last until after lunch,
so, so cold.
But spending the afternoon with warm people who make you laugh
at a High Tea,
lifts that fog,
as we celebrated the retirement of one of our dear co-workers.
Liz (who is seated in the middle next to me) 
basically worked to fund her travels around the world,
she was my sort of inspiration.....
so jealous that she is retiring, 
she inspires me to do that too!

No matter how much you prepare yourself for a High Tea,
a small breakfast,
don't eat lunch....
at the end of all the little sandwiches, quiches and countless cakes and scones,
 you roll yourself out of the establishment,
vowing not to eat dinner,
can't possibly fit any in!
(but secretly and mindfully organising your next High Tea experience, so you can do it all again!)

A lovely afternoon.