Flowers for Friday
Hope everyone has a weekend full of lovely moments......
Love Kelly xxx
Flowers for Friday
A sad day in the world.
My thoughts go out for the people who were on board MH17.
Just horrible.
Things i love.......
I love waffles.
On the weekend, we found a shipping container in Stringbean Alley at the Victoria Market which devoted itself to waffles.
Mine was covered with belgian chocolate, icecream, almond flakes and (healthy!) banana.
Oh golly, yum.
Flowers for Friday
The other day when I was treating myself to some flowers at the local Flower Farm, I came across this little pot of teeny tiny daffodils and knew I had the perfect spot for them at home......
(right next to my new find of hand soap and hand lotion, a little expensive, but absolutely gorgeous!)

Hoping its a lovely weekend for all! Love Kelly xxx

Yesterday my dear friend Sarah and her gorgeous daughters caught the ferry over and spent some time in Queenscliff with me.
It was a chilly Winters day, but full of warm conversations....

As always, a day spent chatting about our lives, our hopes, our dreams over wonderful food and hot chocolates and wandering around, window shopping in a lovely seaside town. 
Its funny, I always feel a little inspired after spending time with Sarah. She makes me see things in a different light. She makes me understand what things are important to me. And who are important to me. She makes me want to go forward and follow my dreams, to surround myself in lovelyness and things that make me happy.
And I will. Its time. Its time for me now.